What Are People Like Donald Trump Showing Us About Ourselves?

The story in the video below is a reflection of what the entire system exists as. For wealth to exist for a few, there exist many whose labor is used to produce the wealth, and who are kept trapped in that labor through survival. Trump is merely using the system as it is designed / allowed to exist. 

Rather than blame and point fingers and talk about how nasty rich people are, the question we can ask ourselves is – where and how in our daily lives / in our minds do we consider ourselves only, while disregarding those in the world who do not and will never have what we have? And just as Trump said to the architect ‘I’ve already spent so much money on this, I don’t want to pay more’ — where and how in our own daily lives and minds do we say ‘I’m already invested in my own life / my own interest, I don’t have the time or resources to stand up for those who have nothing’?

We don’t need more blame and attacking, we need self reflection and self honesty and the patience to investigate the actual core / origin points of world issues in ourselves / our own minds and lives.  


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  1. I respect this blog. And I think listening to a few bad words or a biggot being uncomfortable is better than people being killed by terrorists or the deaths that Hilary has caused. I think the 2-party American system created over time is not workable and gives us the pinnacle of American politics which shows us our personalities and the deception we allow in politics under the guise of 'someones taking care of everything'. I think While Donald Trump is uncomfortable and an unconveneital personality. I think Hilary is still 'ELITE' and designed and implemented that way and still in the 'Elite' construct, respectfully, as outlined by the Elite article outlined by Desteni. Meaning people are still going to be harmed and the '1%' of people and financial interests and political interests regardless of the toll or consequence or implication, even in death, are still in place if she wins. I think Trump while uncomfortable is not Elite so would be interesting if he wins.


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