Day 333: Redefining Words: Patience and Impatience

I was inspired by the Reptilian series interview about Patience, to investigate the word Patience for myself and redefine it.

You can hear the interview here:
Patience: A Patient of… – Reptilians – Part 546

So, let’s look at Patience.

It seems that Patience goes hand in hand with Impatience.

When I look at the word Impatient, some interesting things emerge:

I’m Patient — I’m Pace – I am Pace — I am this Pace, I am the Patient of MY Pace — that would be where I’m Tying and restricting myself – as in a straight jacket that a Mental Patient wears, lol, to the Pace that I AM defining myself and the moment according to. And, this would thus be why when I’m ‘Impatient’ – it feels like ‘I’m being held back’ by the current circumstance / time frame which, is not aligning to ‘My Time Frame’.

So, to live Patience practically in physical space and time where – things can happen that are not planned, would be the following:

Pacing myself to the Pace of what is possible within the current Space Time moment through adapting, adjusting, changing, letting go of my preferred, planned, or anticipated time-frame for reaching / creating a given goal, responsibility, outcome, need, or want.

This gives me the framework for identifying the WHY within the experience of impatience. For instance, identifying – what is the need, want, outcome, preference, goal related to the moment, and what is the Time Frame I have defined it within, which is causing the experience of being held back / impatience.

In assisting and supporting myself to live Patience within and as this new definition, I prevent Impatience – I prevent myself from becoming the patient of the moment.

Of course within this, it’s also to realize that I can still push myself to move faster / more effectively / find shorter routes to goals, etc – but the emotional / inner friction experience of Impatience is actually not required for this, because it’s a matter of Self Honestly assessing the situation / factors involved in a time frame, and identifying where / how more effective actions / self movement is possible to ‘speed things up’.

And the key is Breathing, because you cannot do more than what you can do one breath at a time!


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