Day 345: Which Face and Voice Expressions do you React to?

Sharing how through a process of repeating conflicts (consequences) manifesting in my life, I finally asked myself the right questions which opened up why I kept falling into such intense reactions of defensiveness when someone would react within ‘being upset’ toward me. I found my reaction was more toward the specific voice tonality and facial expression of the person, which represented specific words which triggered deeply ingrained / programmed reactions originating from much earlier in life, connected to specific memories.

What’s cool is that in getting a grasp on the real underlying points that I’m reacting to, I can then effectively take self responsibility to deconstruct and release myself from the hold of that reaction — which is the hold of the PAST, which opens up new words to re-define and live which I had not previously considered, which support with expanding myself in being able to be stable and solution oriented, rather than emotional.

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