The Mind Matrix


Hack the Mind Matrix

What is the Mind Matrix?

The inner environment as operating system written from birth, and installed in the body as the platform through which ‘self as character’ views and experiences the world.

What is the programming language? How does the character function within its matrix?

Words and definitions are the containers for the values which build the character’s self and world view. The values consist typically of ideas, beliefs, judgments, desires, and opinions, formed within positive / negative polarity designs. (Desires / Fears).

These polarity designs function as Patterns which, when triggered by words / events, then activate and play out with thoughts, words, decisions, behaviors, and outcomes, in life’s day to day scenarios. 

The positive / negative polarity designs are formed from childhood as interpretations of life’s day to day events, experiences, and interactions with other people. Positive / Negative interpretation exists in the absence of practical common sense understanding of what is happening. Thus Positive / Negative associations are believed to be ‘who I am’, and ‘what makes me me’, and become the foundation upon which thinking, decisions and behavior are built, from the starting point of surviving / existing as the Positive experiences, and avoiding the Negative experiences.